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Training the Dentists of Tomorrow: Spotlight on Dr. Ngo

Dr. MyLinh Ngo has been teaching dental students at UCSF for the past four years.

You see them in the dental office, fighting the battle against cavities, plaque, and gingivitis, but when Drs. Perry, Thenard, Ngo, and Katheria aren’t busy working on your kids’ teeth, their quest for widespread oral health continues. Each of them teaches at one of two northern California-based dental schools, UCSFor UOP, as a way of giving back and teaching the future of the dental profession.

“We love what we do, and to share that with young budding pediatric dentists keeps us fresh and energized,” Dr. Thenard says. Dr. Thenard has been teaching dental students since 2005 and recently began co-directing a Leadership and Business Management course for pediatric dental residents. “I spend an entire day with the residents each month. It is about 100 hours per school year.”

The doctors’ dedication to teaching is especially important today. According to Dr. Ngo, dental schools are currently facing a problem with faculty recruitment and retention. “There is a huge shortage of teachers in dentistry because lots of the older faculty are retiring and there aren’t any new ones to replace them,” she says. (more…)

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Bay Area Kids: The Worst Teeth in the Country?

Photo: Healthy Smiles Children's Dental Program

Alameda County kids may not have the worst teeth in the country, but unfortunately, they come close. According to a recent KTVU, Channel 2 News broadcast, California ranks third nationwide when it comes to kids with bad teeth, and within California, Alameda County is worst.

Dr. Jared Fine, Dental Health Administrator for the Alameda County Public Health Department, says this Bay Area health problem targeting children is of epidemic proportions.

According to KTVU, Alameda County’s six-year study of 3,200 children in 22 schools reveals that 70 percent had tooth decay by third grade, while 30 percent had untreated cavities, and 10 percent had a toothache from a dental infection. And these numbers are double those of an identical, statewide survey.

The doctors at Alameda and Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry are well aware of the problem, informing parents about oral hygiene at the earliest stages of their childrens’ development. Alameda Pediatric Dentistry’s Dr. Sharine Thenard, who was highlighted in the broadcast, says many two-year-olds coming into the office already show signs of rapid decay. (more…)

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Rise and Shine, and Be on Time!

Susan Yee, Office Manager Extraordinaire

“How do you do it?” Susan Yee, Alameda Pediatric Dentistry’s Office Manager, hears this question often. In addition to having worked at APD for more than 30 years, Susan “manages” three kids at home, getting them each to school before the early bell rings and arriving at her desk well before the first patients begin trickling in for their six-month check-ups. Even veteran parents, the teachers at her kids’ schools, marvel at Susan’s punctuality. “How do you do it?” they ask her throughout the school year.

Getting kids out the door on time isn’t easy, what with lunchboxes to fill, blouses to button, sneakers to tie, homework to pack, and of course, rows of little white teeth to brush. Today, Susan shares her secrets, and her time-saving tricks are sure to put an extra snap in your morning routine: (more…)

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