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Spotlight: Three Things You Didn’t Know about Dr. Katheria

Is your child afraid of “the dentist”? He wouldn’t be the first. One of the most reassuring things a parent can experience is watching a child’s fear melt away. This happens everyday in the Alameda Pediatric Dentistry office, when “the dentist” evolves from an abstract concept to a real person. A likable person.

On board since November of 2009, Dr. Katheria is the newest dentist on the Alameda Pediatric Dentistry team. If your young ones are skeptical to see her, they just haven’t learned enough about the fun-loving person behind the dentist’s mask. For instance, did you know that Dr. Katheria’s favorite things to do include reading, painting, and visiting zoos and aquariums?

Here are three more things you can tell your children about Dr. Katheria: (more…)

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Share the Warmth

Rain’s been scarce in the Bay Area this winter, but that doesn’t mean temperatures haven’t been chilly. You’ve probably seen the frost coating the lawns in the early morning hours on the way to work, or gone back into the house on a clear day to grab your coat after realizing how cold it is outside.

Whether or not showers are in the forecast, bundling up and staying warm is important to stay healthy and comfortable, so Alameda and Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistries are taking part in One Warm Coat, a partnership between donors, volunteer leaders, social service agencies, and sponsors to help keep everyone warm by distributing donated coats to the needy.

According to the U.S. Census, one in five children lives in a household where earnings fall below U.S. poverty level. On a more local level, The Bay Citizen reports that nearly three of every ten children in Oakland are living in poverty. For these young ones, pricey winter coats get left off the shopping list. Fortunately, many of us have an extra warm coat or two hidden away in the back of the closet, and with the help of our donations, no child need go to school without being prepared for the weather. (more…)

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3 Easy New Year Resolutions for a Healthier Smile

New Year resolutions can be discouraging – if they’re beyond reach. We’ve formulated a list that’s quite doable. As with most resolutions lists, it includes those things you know you should be doing but haven’t quite mastered. The following resolutions are important for your smile and overall health. They’re so easy that by next year, these resolutions should cross over into lifelong habits. And one of them need only be done twice a year! (more…)

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Open Wide! Getting Kids to Cooperate on the Dentist’s Chair

“My child was highly phobic about any dental or medical procedures, even the most mild and routine ones,” a parent confesses on Berkeley Parents Network. This same parent finally found a solution to her nervous child’s discomfort in the skilled and comforting hands of Alameda Pediatric Dentistry professionals:

“After trying two other dental offices, we finally discovered Dr. Perry’s office. The hygienists and dentists were able to examine and clean her teeth. She’s even had a small cavity filled and sealants applied without much ado. All the staff are very well trained in dealing with frightened and uncooperative children. It’s well worth the drive.”

Dr. MyLinh Ngo, one of the skilled pediatric dentists at Alameda Pediatric Dentistry, where Dr. Perry is based, says the whole family is involved in maintaining a child’s oral health. To help get children off to a positive start with dental visits, Dr. Ngo and the other Alameda Pediatric Dentistry staff encourage talking to them in a supportive and casual manner prior to their first appearance on the dentist’s chair.

Here are some tips to help the appointment go smoothly: (more…)

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