Open Wide! Getting Kids to Cooperate on the Dentist’s Chair

January 5, 2012 at 7:55 am 2 comments

“My child was highly phobic about any dental or medical procedures, even the most mild and routine ones,” a parent confesses on Berkeley Parents Network. This same parent finally found a solution to her nervous child’s discomfort in the skilled and comforting hands of Alameda Pediatric Dentistry professionals:

“After trying two other dental offices, we finally discovered Dr. Perry’s office. The hygienists and dentists were able to examine and clean her teeth. She’s even had a small cavity filled and sealants applied without much ado. All the staff are very well trained in dealing with frightened and uncooperative children. It’s well worth the drive.”

Dr. MyLinh Ngo, one of the skilled pediatric dentists at Alameda Pediatric Dentistry, where Dr. Perry is based, says the whole family is involved in maintaining a child’s oral health. To help get children off to a positive start with dental visits, Dr. Ngo and the other Alameda Pediatric Dentistry staff encourage talking to them in a supportive and casual manner prior to their first appearance on the dentist’s chair.

Here are some tips to help the appointment go smoothly:

  • Talk about the first dental appointment as a new experience, without making it sound like a big deal. The kids should be informed, but not anxious.
  • Invite kids to discuss talk it out and discuss their fears, as well as what they’re excited about.
  • Kids are curious beings. Encourage them to bring their questions to the dentist.
  • Avoid using words like “needle” or “drill.” This might frighten them unnecessarily.
  • Let kids know that the dentist will explain everything to them on the day of their visit.
  • Read a book about visiting the dentist to your child.

A child’s first dental visit may be just as new to a parent as it is to the child. Alameda Pediatric Dentistry offers advanced techniques that bring in happy patients from beyond the island. A young child may sit on a parents’ lap to feel at ease in the unfamiliar setting. Within minutes, a little patient may cozy up to the office’s pleasant environment, which includes underwater-themed wall décor, a climbing structure, and stuffed animals hanging above the dental chairs. Children will also get to know the friendly dentists and staff much better by the end of the hour, building a rapport with a favorite hygienist they can request to see again next time.

During the visit, be prepared to share your child’s dental and medical history with the dentist. New patient forms may be found on the Alameda Pediatric Dentistry website if you wish to get a head start. After your child’s exam, you will learn results the same day and with the dentist’s tips on preventative dental care at home, begin a lifelong journey of healthy teeth and easy breezy dental appointments!

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  • […] kids definitely won’t be afraid to sit in the dentist’s chair – in fact, they look forward to their next visit and will probably play dentist at home before that time […]

  • 2. danielbird112  |  December 11, 2012 at 11:10 am

    I”m attending to do that. many thanks for the nice suggestions.


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