Spotlight: Three Things You Didn’t Know about Dr. Katheria

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Is your child afraid of “the dentist”? He wouldn’t be the first. One of the most reassuring things a parent can experience is watching a child’s fear melt away. This happens everyday in the Alameda Pediatric Dentistry office, when “the dentist” evolves from an abstract concept to a real person. A likable person.

On board since November of 2009, Dr. Katheria is the newest dentist on the Alameda Pediatric Dentistry team. If your young ones are skeptical to see her, they just haven’t learned enough about the fun-loving person behind the dentist’s mask. For instance, did you know that Dr. Katheria’s favorite things to do include reading, painting, and visiting zoos and aquariums?

Here are three more things you can tell your children about Dr. Katheria:

1. She loves to travel.

Dr. Katheria is now an Alamedan but has lived on both sides of the U.S. She was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in southern California. She completed her specialty training in pediatric dentistry at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, where she also received a Master of Science degree in Dentistry.

Travel is one of Dr. Katheria’s biggest interests. Though she’s wanted to be a dentist since the 5th grade, she fell in love with pediatric dentistry during her travels as a third-year dental student volunteer to India and Guatemala.

“In Kashmir, I realized that kids are patients who are so innocent and simple in their fear,” she says. “Once you can prove to them that you are there to help them, they appreciate you so much. I loved turning a child’s experience from a fearful one to one that was positive and left them hopping off the bench with a smile. Guatemala gave me a second chance to prove my skills in working with kids. I enjoyed my time there and the people were very grateful.”

2. She’s a runner, with one-of-a-kind running shoes.

Dr. Katheria was among those giving back to the community as a participant in last year’s See Jane Run 5K in Alameda. Her footwear consisted of “invisible shoes,” a pear of running sandals that help her with her knee pain. Dr. Katheria’s run in three half marathons, and hopes to tackle her next half marathon with the help of her invisible shoes.

3. She’s got lots in common with your kids.

Kids are very hands on, and Dr. Katheria is the same way. In fact, her enjoyment of working with her hands is one of the biggest reasons she decided to become a dentist. That, and attention to detail.

We hope you’ve gotten to know Dr. Katheria a little better! Get to know others on the team with our Spotlight series. Here’s one on Office Manager Susan Yee.

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