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5 Post-Natal Tips for Adorable Smiles

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As we mentioned in a previous post, dental care for our little ones begins well before they’re born! That’s because what mom eats and how she takes care of her own teeth during pregnancy does everything from providing the vitamins and minerals needed for the baby’s teeth to form to reducing the baby’s risk for dental decay later in life.

Of course, baby care goes into high gear after birth. Caring for a new one’s gums and teeth, however few there are, should be high on the list of a new parent’s priorities, post-natally and beyond. The latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention research shows that cavities are on the rise among the youngest of grinners.

Here’s a list of baby-care basics to shoo off dental decay – a chronic disease affecting too many of today’s toddlers. (more…)

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Ouch! Advice for Handling Toddler Tooth Injuries

It’s one of the scariest injuries your little one can have, and also one of the most common. According to UpToDate, a medical resource written by physicians, 50 percent of children will have some type of injury to a tooth during childhood. The majority of these will involve at least one of the front teeth.

The good news is, dental injuries rarely lead to serious complications and most kids recover without a hitch. So try to relax – this will help calm the kiddo’s jitters as well. Here’s some advice on how to confidently handle an ouchie to the front teeth: (more…)

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Rethink Your Drink Campaigns: Thirsty to Quit Soda

Summer’s heating up and throats are getting parched. Instead of a can of soda, thousands across the country are reaching for a cold bottle of water or unsweetened, homemade iced tea. Many of the newly converted owe their recent bout of willpower to the Alameda County Health Department’s rockin’ Soda Free Summer Campaign.

Last month, Alameda and Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry announced our support of Soda Free Summer. We’ve found the enthusiasm to “kick the can” infectious, fitting in to a larger movement across communities toward healthier, farm to fork dining.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the Rethink Your Drink campaigning that’s going strong here in California and further east: (more…)

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5 Reasons to Brush Twice a Day

The ordinary toothbrush is an every day superhero.

With the aid of dental floss, mouthwash, and even the novelty of cavity-fighting chewing gum, is brushing twice a day still necessary? Absolutely. In fact, twice is the minimum number of brushings recommended by the American Dental Association – brushing after every meal is even better.

Here are five reasons why the old-fashioned or (electric-powered) toothbrush remains an essential part of the morning and evening routines. They are great motivators to keep the fingers pointing to the bathroom sink when the little ones insist on going straight to bed. (more…)

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