3 Ways to Sneak the Veggies In

November 5, 2012 at 7:53 pm 1 comment

Among their many benefits, vegetables are important for healthy teeth. But how do you get your kids to eat them? Sometimes, convincing doesn’t work, but tricking does. When simply saying “eat your vegetables” leaves a plate full of Brussels sprouts, it may be time to get sneaky! Here are three awesome tricks to start:

Photo: NourishingMeals.com

1. Have them for Dessert

They may say “no” to sliced avocados, but never to a fudgesicle. Who knew that the two could go hand in hand? Here’s a recipe from NourishingMeals.com: avocado fudgesicles. Other unlikely possibilities? Eggplant in a muffin, spinach in a brownie, or tomatoes in cake.

2. Sneak them Into the Sauce

If spaghetti is their favorite, but a side of salad goes untouched, why not put the salad into the spaghetti? Blended carrots and zucchini will disappear into the pasta sauce, and they’ll even ask for seconds.

Photo: Nikki L. on Flickr Creative Commons

3. Drink Your Veggies

They already love drinking their favorite fruits in smoothies. Vegetable drinks are loaded with essential vitamins and the flavors will jump with the addition of a naturally sweet and complementing fruit. Fit Sugar recommends the likes of a Kale, Mint, and Pear concoction.

Grown-ups need motivation to eat their veggies, too. At Alameda and Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry, we select a “vegetable of the week” behind the scenes, so our doctors and staff can load up on essential nutrients in creative ways. Send us your secret for deliciously prepared veggies!

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