5 Ways to Get Kids Brushing with the Help of Electronics

January 4, 2013 at 10:14 pm 3 comments

brushingteethKids today know the difference between Android or iPhone, have a social media page for grandma and grandpa to see, and already rely on a go-to app or two that mom and dad approve of. Even the most traditional parents admit that this generation’s kids are growing up in the electronic age. With the proper guidance, electronics can enhance life and make some tasks run more smoothly. Here are 5 ways that plugging in can get kids brushing:

  1. Buy a battery-powered toothbrush. Perhaps it’s the novelty or the fun of making the bristles spin. Whatever the reason, studies show that kids brush longer when using a battery-powered toothbrush. Try alternating one with your child’s regular soft-bristled brush, and see which one gets them brushing for 2 minutes more consistently.
  2. Watch a 2min2x Video. The Ad Council and The Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives noticed that kids spend a lot of time watching TV and playing video games. Together, the organizations created the 2min2x campaign in August, using the power of video to motivate kids to spend 4 minutes a day brushing their teeth. Try playing a fun, 2min2x video for your child this evening!
  3. Photo: 2min2x.org

    Photo: 2min2x.org

    Use a Brushing App. Today, there are apps for everything, including helping kids learn how to read, adopt a new language, or play an instrument. Aquafresh offers an iPhone app, Time 2 Brush, with a customizable Nurdle that prepares kids for brushing, reminds them to switch to different areas while they are brushing, and keeps them entertained with music for the 2-minute countdown. Other popular brushing apps include Macleans Nurdle Time and Brush with Jackson.

  4. Watch a Little YouTube. There are many YouTube videos that show other kids brushing, and they’re easy to find via a YouTube search. Many videos are sponsored by dental offices, toothpaste companies, or non-profit organizations, but some of the best are uploaded by families just like yours who are navigating their way through the daily routine with as much humor as possible. See if they can provide your toddler with some brushing inspiration.
  5. Play some Music. Music is joy to a child’s ears, and many songs last the entire 2 minutes that kids need each time they brush. Why not bring an iPod docking station to the bathroom to make music part of the routine? Or, every now and then, bring your laptop along, setting a special Pandora station that gets your little one in the mood for that fresh, minty feeling.

Share your tips and secrets with Alameda and Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry followers by sending us your recommendations on songs, books, apps, or videos on tooth brushing!

Photo (featured): tamakisono/CC BY 2.0

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