Seen around Town: Teeth as Art

September 16, 2013 at 1:58 am Leave a comment

WallofTeethWhere in Alameda were these rows of plaster cast teeth recently spotted? If you guessed the orthodontist’s office, you’re wrong! Part of Layered Anxiety, an art installation and photography exhibit at Julie’s Coffee and Tea Garden on Park Street, the plaster teeth were dubbed “A Long History of Decay” by artist Bart D. Frescura. They were meant to symbolize recurring thoughts, ideas, and conversations that weigh heavily on the mind.

TeethscapesAlso by Frescura, these “Teethscapes” resemble fossilized teeth, again reflecting the theme of layers or buried thoughts.

Frescura’s installation pieces were accompanied by photography by Elaine L. Santos. Santos’s stark images of knives in a sink or brightly colored donuts represent food choices and the guilt or unease that follows.

Seen any tooth-related art or events in your town? Send us a note, and we may post it here on our blog!

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