5 Essential Halloween Tips for Kids with Braces

October 18, 2013 at 5:15 pm Leave a comment


Eating hard and sticky foods like candy can damage braces and wires, warns Alameda Pediatric Dentistry’s Cinthia Galvez, RDA. Does that mean kids who wear braces can’t enjoy treats this Halloween?

Dr. Kan recommends getting decked out in costumes, trick-or-treating along the festive neighborhood streets, then bringing all your candy back to Alameda Pediatric Dentistry for the annual buy back. If the little ones must have their fix, here are 5 Halloween tips from our trusted orthodontics team:

  1. Brush your teeth right after eating candy. If you do not have access to a toothbrush, simply rinse your mouth after eating any sweets until you are able to brush.
  2. Remember that braces are bonded to the surface of teeth and can be damaged if that bond is broken. That said, avoid hard candies, including chocolates with nuts. They can break brackets and bend wires.
  3. Avoid candy that’s sticky, such as Starburst, taffy, Tootsie Rolls, and Skittles. They stick to the teeth as you chew, creating tension on the braces and potentially loosening them.
  4. Replace candy with soft sweets like fresh fruits, fruit shakes, or frozen yogurt. If you must, the lesser of all evils would be chocolate (think Hershey’s Kisses), without any nuts, caramel or additional ingredients that would make it hard, sticky or chewy.
  5. Brush at least three times a day for 3 minutes each time!

Want an alternative to passing out candy this Halloween? Here are 20 Alternatives to Sticky Sweets.

October is Orthodontic Health Month! That’s why all our posts this month have been dedicated to the art of wearing braces.

Photo (featured): slgckcg/CC BY 2.0

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