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Dental Health Month: 5 Tips for a Gold Medal Smile

National_Children3b February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, sponsored by the American Dental Assocation (ADA). This year’s theme is “Gold Medal Smile.” All month long, Alameda and Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry will work with the ADA to raise awareness in the community about the importance of oral health.

To kick off the campaign, here are 5 tips to help your kids achieve a gold medal smile:

  1. Talk about Teeth. Seize opportune moments throughout the day to discuss the importance of healthy teeth. Find photos of smiling faces in magazines. Ask the kids what teeth do for those smiles. During dinner, investigate the different foods on your plate and talk about how easily each one could be chewed without teeth. You may even link teeth with pronunciation by playing a game – try saying words like “teeth” and “ladybug” without touching your tongues to your teeth! (more…)

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Defend Your Infant’s Teeth – from Pregnancy On


The fight against progressive tooth decay in little ones begins before the children are born. How can this be the case? According to’s “Dental Health for Mothers,” the presence of untreated caries in mom’s mouth – prenatally – can put her child at risk for severe dental caries.

What Mom Eats…

It makes sense. An expectant mother’s diet provides all the good stuff, from calcium and phosphorous to a range of vitamins and minerals that babies need for their teeth to form – a process that begins just over a month after conception.

According to First 5 Sacramento, diet and dental health deficiencies during pregnancy may cause changes in baby’s tooth formation and leave their teeth at greater risk for decay later in life. So it may not be too surprising to learn that children of mothers who consume sugar in large quantities are four times more likely to suffer from tooth decay than those of moms with low sugar consumption. (more…)

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